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Summer is finally on the verge of showing up which means tons of fun outdoors and relaxing. Don’t let an unexpected problem get in the way of your plans. Checking the shape of your water systems and equipment is a good way to spot places that could turn into potential issues. Asking yourself, where to start? Let’s talk about some common places that cause issues. Spring and summer bring a lot of rain, ensuring your home’s sump pump is in working order can help you avoid storm panic. Checking over your pump making sure it has a good power supply, has a solid foundation, and is properly draining can help protect your basement from sudden flooding. Heavy rain can also cause sewage backup to find way into your home. Aging can lead to small cracks that allow dirt and rocks to make their way into your pipes and causing a major blockage. Tree roots often times grow through these small cracks, leading to much larger leaking and back up issues. Speaking of blockages, clogged toilets and shower drains are a common summer plumbing complication. From beach sand and dirt being washed down showers, things being flushed that have no business in a toilet, these small things can be detrimental. Rinsing off outside, and regularly cleaning the drain is an easy way to prevent water pooling up in your shower. Investing in a drain cover helps make this a less messy feat. Putting the lid down might help prevent things like toys ending up in a toilet, but it’s important to things about the more shocking “do not flush list.” Baby wipes are among the top of the list for things that cause a clog, along with over use of toilet paper. Check out your sprinkler system. Winter months can be hard on sprinkler hoses, and heads. The early months of spring with grass growing quicker by the minute means lots of mowing. When checking hoses, be mindful to look for small leaks that could have been caused from a lawn mower. Lucky for you, replacement parts tend to be fairly cheap and easy to fix. If you aren’t sure if something you discover isn’t really a problem, or don’t think you can fix it, call Prestige Plumbing. A quick visit and some easy maintenance can help prevent a pluming catastrophe from ruining your summer.

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