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The halls are decked, the food is planned, and the toilets… well they’re overflowing. Holidays will be here sooner than you think, and it’s never too early to start getting your home, and budget, ready. Holiday time is one of the busiest times of the year for plumbers. With extra people in the home, toilets seem to get clogged and family dinner food scraps break garbage disposals left and right. This holiday season we want you, and your plumbing, to be ready. Here are a 5 tips to make sure you avoid a catastrophe.

  1. Remember the garbage disposal is not a trash can – We know your washing lots of food dishes but this doesn’t mean you can just push them all down the drain. Things like meat bones, poultry skin, fruit and veggie peals or corn husks can do quite the number on your disposal. Make sure you get as many of these problem waste items in the trash as you can.

  2. Don’t pour grease down the drain – Fats, oils, and grease solidify in your drains and can cause a clog extremely quickly. Not to mention the other waste that could get lodged in it before solid just adding to the size of the clog. Running hot water down the drain to rinse it is just a myth. The pest practice is to just toss it in the waste bin.

  3. Use cold water – Running cold water down the drain for 30-60 seconds can help push waste down the drain easier. Cold water while grinding can also help the disposal work more smoothly.

  4. Be mindful of your toilets – With additional guests in and out of your home, your toilets might face more use. There is also a higher risk on non-flushable items finding their way in. Making sure there is a trash can near by for things like paper towels, feminine products, face wipes, and baby wipes or diapers is a good way to divert them from flushing these things. Keeping the lid down, and even the door shut, can help prevent children from tossing things like toys down the toilet, too.

  5. Plumbing Inspection – Of course, if you suspect there is an issue before your festivities begin, you should get it taken care of. The extra plumbing stress can amplify any issues that may be lying silent. Prestige Plumbing offers video drain inspections to find and diagnosis any current or potential issue areas.

We want you to be as prepared as possible during your holiday fun. By choosing Prestige Plumbing, and following a few simple tips, you can relax knowing your plumbing is taken care of.

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