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Four Great Winter Plumbing Tips!

The Winter season is almost here! With the lowering temperatures and snow beginning to fall, it is time to make sure your plumbing is safe for the season. Luckily, the winter plumbing experts here at Prestige Plumbing have some tips to make sure your pipes get through the harsh cold.

Clean Your Gutters & Drains

An imperative frozen pipe prevention measure is making sure your gutters and drains are all clean and clear! With dirty and clogged gutters or drains, comes a whole lot of trouble. The harsh elements will freeze everything and anything still in your drains and gutters. This can lead to worse blockages or even broken and burst pipes. Fortunately, we can help with this! Check out our drain cleaning service, and get your winter plumbing started right.

Close Your Outdoor Water Valves

With outdoor faucets, you must make sure that you close and turn off all outside valves. These are the most likely to freeze, due to being outside and directly exposed to the cold of Winter. Make sure that you also drain the faucet, you do not want any surprises!

Check For Leaks & Drips

Leaks and drips are a sign of a broken pipe. These are always a hassle to deal with and are even worse in the Winter. That is why you must check your faucets and pipes to see if there are any leaks or drips. If you discover a leak or a drip, have no fear. Our team at Prestige Plumbing can make sure that all leaks are taken care of. Learn more here!

Make Sure Your Water Heater Is Working

Nobody wants to take a cold shower in the middle of Winter! So, make sure that your water heater is up and running. Without a proper installation, the months of Winter will be even worse. Looking for a new heater, or has yours broken down? Prestige Plumbing has you covered with our great tankless water heaters!

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