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Clean water is vital to you, but also your home. Using water that has been filtered means the water from showers, left over from cooking, and of course drinking helps remove lingering bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants. Sure, most water passes through a treatment facility but it is easy for the removed contaminates to find their way back in between treatment and your home. Installing a water filter for your home filters out bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals that you, of course, don’t want in your body but also shouldn’t want in your plumbing.

There are three types of main water filtration systems, activated carbon, reverse osmosis, and cation exchange systems (also known as ion exchange or water softeners). Activated Carbon systems are the most common and least expensive. They are generally installed just under the sink and have a replaceable cartridge. Activated Carbon is excellent at removing chemicals and heavy metals, but also even parasites that might have found their way into the water. Reverse Osmosis is considered to be the most effective home water filtration system. The system forces water through a semipermeable membrane by air pressure. Water is considered to be alkaline after passing through. Cation Exchange/ Water softeners uses positively-charges ions are used to attract ions in harmful contaminates such as barium or magnesium both of which can cause health problems as well as affect the taste of water.

So why should you get a water filtration system? Safe water of course is the most common reason to have a filtration system however there are a lot of additional benefits. There is some cost saving associated with a water filtration system since you won’t have to buy bottled water. Keeping those bottles out of the landfill is also beneficial for the environment. You should also be able to notice a reduction in any plumbing repair bills since your plumbing won’t face as many harsh contaminants. Filtered water will also be easier on your clothes by keeping deposits off the material which makes them stay them nicer longer and you’ll use less soap! Using less soap means saving money, as well as reducing wear on your washer as well.

Water filtration systems do much more than just improve the taste of your water. They can help your plumbing, as well as many other aspects in your home where water is used. Prestige Plumbing can help you install filtration systems so you can relax, knowing your plumbing is taken care of.

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