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Plumbing issues can happen to everyone, everywhere. Many times, business owners see a small issue like a leaky toilet or sink not properly running as an expense that can be avoided but they really signify a larger issue at hand. Small issues are much easier to fix than the larger issues than can become of them. Today, let’s talk about some of the biggest plumbing issues a business might face.

While most sinks are found in the restroom, commercials buildings might have workspace or breakroom sinks that, you guessed it, are the home of issues. Clogged drains are an issue especially in work area sinks due to the grime that can be washed down them. Small pieces of paper towel that get left behind in handwashing sink and eventually find their way down the drain also make up a large part of sink clogs. Clogs can lead to a buildup of sewer gas. If you notice a funky smell coming from drains or even from toilets and water faucets, chances are you have a blockage somewhere that is preventing the gas from being carried away. A plumber should inspect your plumbing immediately if this is the case.

Public restrooms are the starting point of many plumbing concerns because toilets are the point of most issues. We all know toilets get clogged, but in a public setting the risk is slightly higher. Sure, commercial plumbing is meant to handle a little more than residential but clogs still happen. Running toilets often times get overlooked since the are harder to notice than in a home. A toilet that constantly sounds like it is “on” might have internal parts in the bowl that need replaced. Handles are one of the most replaced parts of the toilet from purely wear and tear. Replacing a broken handle will ensure restroom visitors are able to properly use the facilities.

Faucets are one of those things that are just part of day to day life and don’t get much attention, but they can tell you a lot about the health of your plumbing. The water temperature of the water coming from faucets can help you understand if your water heater is properly working. Cooler than normal water is a signal of a hot water heater struggling, so a good cleaning or even replacement might be in order. Decreased water pressure can be one of the first signs on a leaking or cracked pipe that is stealing your water. If you notice a quick change in pressure, you should contact a plumber to diagnosis where the issue lays. Faucets are also one of the highest risks for leaks. With wear and tear the internal washers can go bad meaning a tight seal won’t be created and allows water to get by even when in the off position.

Taking care of the small issues can save you from a larger, and more expensive plumbing emergency down the line. Calling Prestige Plumbing for your concerns, leaks, smells, and clogs can help you relax because you’ll know your plumbing is being well taken care of.

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