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You might not think about pets causing distress on your plumbing system, but it’s more common than you realize. With almost 1/3rd of US homeowners having a cat or dog, it’s important to keep up on a few simple practices to prevent plumbing mishaps.

Simple pet proofing is a great place to start. Ensuring that pipes, and even wiring, are covered helps eliminate the opportunity for them to be chewed. You should make sure any chemicals or cleaning supplies you may use in your drain are also out of pet reach. After using any of these products, you should also make sure to thoroughly rinse the area, including the drain.

With your drains, also keep in mind the pet hair that can find its way in. Preventing clogged drains is much easier than fixing one, after all hair is the leading cause of clogged drains. Purchasing drain guards to using during baths helps keep a large portion of the pet hair out… plus, it’ll keep your hair out, too. Double win! Drain guards are easy to put into place, and are cheap to purchase.

Keeping the toilet lid closed might not seem like a huge plumbing concern, but let’s talk about why it is. You know your pet drinks of out the toilet when the lid is left up, so you keep it a little extra clean. Not only is there the risk of your pet ingesting left behind chemicals, but those same chemicals can damage your pipes! Both of these things can lead to a pretty unfortunate situation, so keeping the lid closed and topping off water dishes is an easy way to safely protect pets and plumbing.

You’ve protected your pet inside, but don’t forget about when they’re outside. Some plumbing pipes are a mere foot-and-a-half underground, meaning they’re in reach of a digging dog. Dogs can easily dig down to the pipes and, you guessed it, cause damage. There have been cases of dogs digging through sewer lines, but more commonly cause just enough damage to your plumbing system to need a visit from the professionals.

Pet proofing isn’t all that different than kid proofing, and is just as important. Whether, its your cat or dog… or even hamster, bird, or lion, Prestige Plumbing is ready to help fix your issue, and help you prevent future issues.

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