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Plumbing isn’t normally something people think about in their home or business, but it is one of the vital parts of every building. There’s no fun in dealing with plumbing problems because they sure are stressful. Here is a list of a few things that can help keep your plumbing in working order.

Taking care of your drains is one of the easiest things you can do. What ends up down the drain and doesn’t belong is among the top causes for plumbing repairs. Using a strainer in kitchen sink drains can help prevent food from finding it’s way into the pipes and forming a clog. Shower drains see a lot of dirt but also hair. Investing in a small plug that allows water flow but catches hair can save you from standing in a pool of water while showering due to a clogged up drain. Ensuring that things like grease and oil don’t make it into sinks, or toilets, is also a key preventative action. We hear quite commonly that people believe running hot water after grease or flushing it will avoid it clogging up. Not quite the case. Sure it’s a slow build up but allowing the grease and oil to solidify and then tossing it out is much safer.

There are more valves in your plumbing that you might realize. From sink faucets and shower heads, to the shut of valves on your fixtures… they’re all important. When it comes to a slow drip in a sink or shower, many people will just make sure to tighten up the handle a little extra when turning it off. This actually does more harm than good! Making tighter than necessary means there is extra pressure being placed on the seal which leads it wearing down. You should feel a natural stopping point that is safe for the mechanics of your valve. If there is a leak while in that position, chances are something small just needs replaced.

Making sure all your plumbing fixtures are working and accessible is important, but so is making sure they all have their own. At some point, chances are you will face a plumbing repair. By ensuring that each feature has its own valve means you won’t have to shut off the entire water supply. Life is easier for you and your plumber so they can turn off one focused area and you still have use of your water elsewhere. Be sure that you aren’t blocking off access to these valves so a technician can reach them, and also that they aren’t corroded beyond use.

Small things like checking for leaks, watching what you flush, and using proper cleaning techniques are also key parts of maintaining the health of your plumbing. Avoiding harsh chemicals can also prolong the life of your plumbing, read more about that here. If you are concerned you have an issue, Prestige Plumbing can diagnose and fix any problem areas! During your visit we are also more than happy to talk with you about how to prevent further issues and care for your plumbing. From preventative maintenance to emergencies, Prestige Plumbing has your plumbing taken care of.

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