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You’ve probably heard about video drain inspections, and it sounds pretty self-explanatory but there’s more to it than you might expect. Prestige Plumbing used video inspections to diagnosis plumbing issues ranging from just a clog to cracked pipes. It’s an important part to making sure we successfully find and fix the problem fully the first time.

So how does it work? A certified technician will run a small, flexible tube with a camera attached to the end through the problem area. The camera is equipped with a small transmitter that once reaching the issue, will send a direct location back to the plumber so they know exactly where to start. Not only can the cameras tell you exactly what the current issue is, but they can help spot any spots that could be an issue in the future. Utilizing camera inspections saves a lot of work to find the problem than more traditional methods.

Video drain inspections are commonly used for detecting blockages such as hair, dirt, grease, paper, and whatever other gunk might have found a way into your pipes. Blocked plumbing tends to be the easiest fix. Things like broken and cracked pipes, or even collapsed and sagging spots can be a pain to fix, but easy to find with the help of cameras. Spotting places that have cracked, been affected by tree roots, or are worn from age used to be a process of digging and digging…and digging some more which became costly. A quick inspection can help give you a timely repair that’s budget friendly.

Prestige Plumbing has the ability to inspect your pipes through video technology and take care of any issues. Places like bathroom drains, kitchen skins, and even the main sewer lines can be checked out for things that look concerning to get you ahead. We’re here so you can relax knowing your plumbing is taken care of. For more information about plumbing health check ups, click here.

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