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Summer rain can catch you and your home off guard. Flooding is most common beginning in spring and lasting through summer storms. Finding out your basement has taken in water is bad anytime, but even worse when you thought you were protected by a sump pump. Prestige Plumbing is certified to install the Link 2.0 Battery Backup to your sump pump.

The Link 2.0 Battery Backup will keep power running to a sump pump during power outages making it one less thing you have to worry about mid-storm. The complete Meyers Smart Battery Backup Sump Pump System protects your basement during any sort of primary sump pump failure, be it power outage or another issue. The primum back up battery system on average lasts for 6 days of use or up to 11,500 gallons of water. Link 2.0 offers alerts that delivered via text message or email so you can stay up to date even away from home. When the back up is engaged it will alert you, as well as when the back up battery level is low, clogged pipes, and when water is detected.

Installation is a breeze when you chose Prestige Plumbing. The battery is installed near by the pump at a safe level to provide protection. The power source is then run through to the already in place sump pump. From there you can rest assured that your home is protected. For more details and estimates call Prestige Plumbing before summer storms hit your home.

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